Healing Yes, Healing No


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~Open Yourself to Health~

Your health is of utmost importance.  Are you ready to open yourself to health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? It takes a lot of energy to go back and forth between Yes and No!

We recommend this audio program for anyone experiencing an unresolved health issue.  Of course there is a part of you that says “Yes” to what you want, your healing, and your well being.  Yet, the truth is, you don’t have what you want.  Since every part of you is in love with you, there is a positive purpose behind the existence of both the Healing Yes and the Healing No parts of you.  That’s right, even the part of you that says “No” to your healing wants something for your benefit, something of great value.

This is an opportunity for you to have a conversation with both parts, learn their value and allow an inner integration to give birth to a new way of supporting you for your highest good!

44 minute digital audio download (.mp3)


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