The Forgive The Un-Forgivable Process


~ Embody Real Forgiveness
This audio program is your opportunity to resolve your inner conflict about forgiveness.

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Are you currently unable to forgive a painful experience or person?

Are you looking to finally find peace with experiences and people after years of failure?

“Forgiveness occurs when we let go of our demand that the source of the our pain change.” Dr. Robert

“During Dr. Robert Dee McDonald’s 30-minute forgiveness process, I completely forgave my ex-daughter-in-law and healed a 13-year hatred. Afterward, I told her how much I loved her. To anyone else this forgiveness would probably seem impossible. My daughter couldn’t imagine it happening in her lifetime. Since this process, I have a better attention span, better retention, better sleep, and a much lighter heart. There are no words to thank you enough.”

Jill Sorenson, Southern California

This process is your opportunity to find the positive intention of the part of you that wants to forgive, and the positive intention of the part of you that doesn’t want to forgive.  Dr. Robert will guide you in profound self-discovery.  You will find that each part of you wants something fundamentally valuable and good.  Then, you will integrate the parts and go to an even deeper level of consciousness.

Using this method, our clients have finally found peace with painful experiences and specific people, after years of failure to let go. It’s a good practice to make a list of what you haven’t forgiven, and then listen to this audio program for each issue, one at a time. It is so good!


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